The latest release is version 1.4. This update adds two new features:

1) When you open a check, all text blocks are scanned for the assigned font style and then the system is checked to see if the necessary font is installed. It will alert you if it is not. You can also manually trigger the scan by selecting "Scan for Missing Fonts" from the Utility menu. Any missing fonts are listed and saved to a text file on your desktop.

2) You can now add leading zeros to the check number in the top right corner of the check. Just enter the zeros into the "Full Check #" field in the MICR entry area. Be sure to click the "Enter" button to transfer to the check and save this setting.

In case you missed them, we've had a few other previous updates that are included in this update:

  • Added preference setting to split print jobs at a selected page count
  • Added enlargeable views - Select from the "View" menu
  • Added reverse printing order - in the first print window