About Us

The CheckPrintshop™ is a product and service of Knappster Solutions LLC™, a limited liability company, U.S. based and located in Blaine Washington - about 90 miles north of Seattle. We have been providing innovative solutions since 2004.

We offer unique, high-quality software, excellent supplies and top-notch tech support. We are complimented regularly on our customer service and it's very rewarding to hear our customers say, "Thanks for caring."

Here are some comments about the quality of our support:

“Support has been nothing short of excellent. Very fast with responses, very professional, very eager to work with the customer to resolve a problem.”
—L. Geauldilox

“I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the professionalism and extremely quick support I received from the team at Knappster Solutions. Being able to count on them to fix problems immediately is a godsend. I wish more companies would support their clients like Marty and his team do.”
–G. McCraw

"This quality of service is almost non-existent in technology anymore, so I can’t say enough great things about Knappster Solutions. Take a look at this outstanding software provider!”
–B. Greene

“Amazing service. Not many web based companies out there that do it, but it’s noticed and appreciated.”
—S. Waldrop


Marty Knapp founded Knappster Solutions LLC™ in 2004. His first computer was a Mac SE/30 and immediately he took an interest in programming. His first program was a computerized rolodex, which he claims actually worked! In his "spare time" Marty enjoys camping in his vintage 1975 Airstream trailer and building custom electric guitars.