Benefits Of The CheckPrintshop™ System

Business People ARE Buying Checks

 While it's true that other methods of payment have become popular for consumer purchases, the Wall Street Journal, reports that businesses still prefer writing checks. They stated, "For American businesses, the old-fashioned paper check remains the preferred payment method.”* The Federal Reserve has stated, "Paper check writing continues to persist as a significant portion of non-cash payments."

Your business customers are buying checks. With our system of software, supplies and support, we can equip you to become a check provider, adding a new revenue source.

Affordable & Easy To Implement

 All you need to get started is The CheckPrintshop software, a MICR gauge, a MICR toner cartridge for your printer and some blank check stock. You already have computers and printers and MICR toner cartridges are available for many popular laser printers. You could easily recoup your investment with just a few orders!

High Repeat Sales Rate

 Once a customer has set up with you to print their checks, you can be pretty sure they'll be back when they need more. With your excellent service and the fast turn-around time, why would they go back to the "old way" of getting checks? And if they happen to run out of checks unexpectedly, you'll be there to "save the day" with much faster turn-around than they'd get elsewhere. What a great way to increase customer loyalty!

Provides A Quick Turn-around

 A check layout is pretty simple, right? On top of that, we've already designed 50+ templates for many popular check styles. Select one that matches the customer's check. Enter the customer name and address, the bank name and address and that line of funny-looking numbers at the bottom of the check (called the MICR line). Maybe add a customer logo, and change the font. Check everything for accuracy and print. Re-print orders are even faster!

If you need to start from scratch, we've provided the tools you need. You can even import a scan of a customer check into the background. Then overlay text areas and lines right on top of the scan. Want to save that design to use with other customers? We have a feature for that too, complete with a preview image and a description - and then made available right in the Template Chooser!

Once you're acquainted with the software, a few minutes is all you need to set up a new account.

"With this very affordable and easy to use software, check printing has become a nice profit center for us. The program is very easy, so even a new staff member can step in and design checks quickly."
–Becky Raney, Print & Copy Factory, Bellingham WA

Entices Customers With One More Reason To Choose You

 Business people are busy people. The more of a one-stop shop you are, the easier life is for them. For new customers, check printing may be the service that gets them in the door. Once they're in your shop for checks, it's very likely that they will also avail themselves of your other products and services. Why go somewhere else? And for your current customers, you'll just underscore how smart they were to pick you in the first place!

Grow Your Income

  With The CheckPrintshop™ system, you can easily and affordably add a new revenue source to your business. You already have most of what you need: Computers, printers, personnel and most importantly, business customers.

Just add our software and some supplies and you have a new source of income. This is a great way to leverage your current situation.

To see how several popular check providers stack up against The CheckPrintshop™ system, see our cost-comparison.

Diversify Your Business

  By adding a complimentary service to your current offering of services and products, you strengthen your position in the marketplace. And you'd be providing your business customers something they are already needing to buy - checks. Consider this— currently they must place their check order with the bank or one of the large suppliers, then wait . . . This wait can be 7 to 14 days! With The CheckPrintshop™ system you can easily offer same-day or next-day delivery. You could even provide one-hour delivery with an additional surcharge!

Your Business Customers Are Buying Checks From Someone
Shouldn't They Be Buying Them From You?

Multiply Your Value

  Business people are busy people. By providing on-demand check printing, you make life just a little easier for them. Your current customers will be thrilled that they can get their checks locally from someone they already trust. And if they unexpectedly run out of checks, you will become their new best friend! And for those new customers you're hoping to attract - what better way than to offer a service "the other guys" don't.

Provide On-Demand Check Printing

  Almost everything a business needs, it can get on-demand. From quick printing of documents to the quick shipping of supplies. One glaring absence has been getting a supply of checks. But now with The CheckPrintshop™ system you can offer your business customers the fast service they're accustomed to.

Why Not You?

  Your business customers are currently buying checks from someone - why not from you?

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* The Wall Street Journal, March 10, 2014 "U.S. Companies Cling To Writing Checks"

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