Is Money Walking Out Your Door?

Wouldn’t it be a shame if sales were walking out your door every day - customers leaving to buy a service you could have provided? What would you do if you discovered that these missed opportunities had the following 7 benefits?

Customers already want & need to buy
Affordable & easy to implement
Not labor intensive
High repeat sales rate
Leverages resources you already have
Provides a quick turn-around
Entices customers with one more reason to choose you

These are 7 BENEFITS of The CheckPrinthsop system!

1. Customers Already Want & Need To Buy

While electronic methods of payment have become popular for consumer purchases, according to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, businesses still prefer writing checks. They stated, "For American businesses, the old-fashioned paper check remains the preferred payment method.” The fact is, your business customers need no convincing to buy checks. The only real question is, from whom will they buy them?

2. Affordable & Easy To Implement

All you need to get started is our software program, a MICR gauge, a MICR toner cartridge for your printer and some blank check stock. You could easily recoup your cost for the software and MICR gauge in a month! And of course your consumable supplies are paid for with each order.

3. Not Labor Intensive

Our software comes with templates for over 50 check designs. If that doesn't cover it you can start from scratch. You can even import a scan of an existing check to use as a template for designing a new one. Make a design you use a lot? Save it as a custom template to use for other checks. Once you're acquainted with the software, 5 minutes to set up a new account is easy to attain.

4. High Repeat Sales Rate

Once a customer has set up with you to print their checks, you can be pretty sure they'll be back when they need more. If they run out unexpectedly, you'll be able to "save the day" with much faster turn-around than they'd get anywhere else. They will truly love you then!

5. Leverages Resources You Already Have

You already have computers, printers, employees and most importantly, business customers. Our software is available for Macintosh OS X (version 10.6 or newer) and Windows 7 or newer. It doesn't require anything esoteric!

6. Provides A Quick Turn-around

Take a look at a check - pretty simple layout, right? Select a template. Enter the customer name and address, the bank name and address and that line of funny-looking numbers at the bottom of the check (called the MICR line). Maybe add a customer logo, and change the font. Check everything for accuracy and print. Check re-print orders are even faster. What could be easier?

7. Entices Customers With One More Reason To Choose You

Business people are busy people. The more of a one-stop shop you are, the easier life is for them. For new customers, check printing may be the service gets them in the door. Once they're in your shop for that, it's very likely that they will also avail themselves of your other products and services. Why go somewhere else?

Close the door on lost sales! Your business customers are buying checks from someone - why not from you?

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