As we're asked common questions, we'll add them here.

Q. Is you Mac version compatible with the new "High Sierra" macOS 10.13 operating system?
A. Yes! Our Mac version works great with the new "High Sierra" OS.

Q. I'm looking for check printing software for my business, does your software work for that?
A. Our software has two specific users:

  1. Commercial check printers. This would include print shops, banks, credit unions, bookkeepers and CPAs. These businesses would create and sell checks to their customers rather than them buying checks from their bank or online check provider.
  2. Businesses that print a lot of check and want to save money. Our software allows you to recreate pretty much any laser style check you might need (and comes with over 50 pre-designed templates). Once you've printed up a supply, you use them just like bank-provided checks.

Q. Can you print deposit slips with your software?
A. Yes. We have a template for the Quickbooks® style deposit slips and one for the Peachtree® style deposit slips. Or you may be able to design your own from a blank template. And we sell blank, perforated deposit paper.

Q. Will you be carrying MICR toner for printers other than Hewlett Packard?
A. We will be adding MICR toner for Lexmark printers soon. Beyond that, we'll have to see.

Q. Why does your Windows® software require Windows® 7 or newer?
A. Older versions of Windows are no longer updated and are not a safe to be using anymore. Windows 7 & 8 have been around for some time and Windows 10 is a free upgrade for many users. For best security, for you and your customers, one should really be staying fairly current with updates.

Q. Are there any differences between the Macintosh version and the Windows version?
A. They are very much alike, in fact, you can move the check documents between the two and they will open. The fonts applied on one platform may not be available on the other, but can be easily changed. Probably the biggest difference is in the available graphic formats. The Mac version can accept JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP, while the Windows version accepts JPEG and BMP.

The Mac version also has the capability to fade objects while the Windows version does not. We do hope to bring the Windows version on par with the Mac soon. In the interim, Windows users will need to convert other graphic formats to JPEG or BMP (JPEG has the best quality) and any image fading will need to be done in an image editing program like Photoshop.

Q. Is there any other needed equipment or supplies?
A. At a minimum, you need our software, a MICR gauge, blank check stock and MICR printer toner. We strongly recommend the MICR scanner too so you can verify the MICR line. Other than that, we would recommend an image editing program like Photoshop, a flatbed scanner and a small light table.

Q. Can your system produce wallet-style checks?
A. A qualified "yes." Our system can print wallet-style checks in sheet form (8.5x11). We have two pre-designed templates for wallet-style checks: 1) A Quicken/Quickbooks 3 checks per page with stubs and a register page; 2) 4 checks per page with stubs. Our system does not produce wallet-style checks in booklet form. Our focus is business checks.

Q. What's with the red rulers when I'm editing one of my own templates?
A. They are simply a visual reminder that you are editing a template, not a customer check. We hope to discourage you from entering personal information into a template - not a good idea!

Q. I'm in Washington State - how can I avoid paying sales tax?
A. If you have a valid reseller permit, just follow the steps outlined here. Once we've tagged your account as tax-exempt, you will need to login to your account before you check out to avoid paying sales tax.