Before You Buy - Important Information

As you consider our products and services, it's important for you to understand a couple of things before you make any purchases.


If you just want to print your own checks, there are no regulatory laws that we're aware of. But if you want to offers your service as a commercial check provider, there may be state regulations that you are required to follow. It is your responsibility to ascertain this. We are merely providing tools for check printers. We do not provide legal advice of any sort.

While we are happy to pass on any information that may help you in this regard, we strongly encourage you to contact your state officials before you make any purchases from us.

The following information may be helpful for you. Please understand we are publishing these link only as a courtesy and we take no responsibility for the veracity of the information.

States With Check Printing Regulations

Illinois (so far the only state we know of with regulations)

Info: Check Printer and Check Number Act (Link will take you to another web site in a new window).

Contact: Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (Link will take you to another web site in a new window).

We have no other information on other states at this time - please check with your state authorities for further information.


If you'll be making purchases for resale that will be shipped to the State of Washington and wish to be exempted from paying sales tax on those items, you'll need to get set up with us for that. Please see our page for WA State Tax-Exempt Customers. This only applies to the State of Washington.


Check fraud is a big problem and we want to do our best to keep our products from falling into the wrong hands. Criminals who want to create fraudulent checks often commit fraud to obtain the software and supplies needed to create checks. This leads to financial loss for those whose checks are forged and loss for us as a vendor of check software and supplies.

We have therefor contracted with a 3rd party that specializes in order risk analysis. While we don't want to lose a sale because something is a little "off," neither do we want to carelessly contribute to check fraud or expose ourselves to unnecessary financial loss.

If your order does not pass this risk analysis process, you will be notified, your order will be cancelled and the hold that has been placed on your funds for the purchase will be released (your credit card is not actually charged until after order approval).

We understand that this is not an exact science, but it is our best attempt to minimize fraud and financial loss.

In addition to the information we're highlighting here, you may want to also acquaint yourself with the following: