Check Paper

Not all check papers are created equal! You've probably seen it before with cheap copier paper - where the toner tends to flake off. You don't want that happening with your customer checks - it could make them unreadable when they're processed at the bank. Our excellent check papers come in a variety of colors in both single and multi-color selections.

Our check papers also have built-in security features, exactly like you'd find on bank-issued checks.

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MICR Toner

We offer a great selection of MICR toner cartridges for Hewlett Packard laser printers (the best printers for MICR printing). We'll soon be adding MICR toner cartridges for Lexmark printers too.

Unlike other MICR toner suppliers, our cartridges are optimized for best performance. Some MICR cartridge suppliers just use the exact same MICR toner and insert it into every cartridge. Our cartridges are tweaked for optimal MICR signal strength from cartridge model to cartridge model.

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MICR CHECK GAUGES: Verify the placement of the MICR line and characters with a MICR Check Gauge. If the MICR information is not printed in the correct location, the bank scanners will be unable to read then for procesing. Make sure with our top-quality, precision-made MICR Gauges.

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MICR CHECK SCANNERS: Speed up MICR line entry, check the magnetic properties of the MICR toner and demonstrate check readability to your customers with our great little MICR Check Scanners. It comes with the needed proprietary USB cable and power supply.

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MICR SCANNER CLEANING CARDS: Keep your MICR scanner heads and rollers clean for accurate performance with our MICR Cleaning Cards.

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