Try Our Free Demo!

Fully Functional

We strongly encourage you to try the demo of The CheckPrintshop to see how easy it is to use and how it can benefit you. The demo version of The CheckPrintshop™ is fully functional, but will print a "VOID" watermark on all checks. Any checks created with the demo version will print in the retail version without the watermark.

There is no signup to access the demo and no salesperson will call, though we would love to hear from you - let us know your thoughts and questions.


Macintosh Screen Image
Windows Screen Image


For Windows & Mac

We have versions for Windows® 7 or newer and Macintosh® OS X 10.6 or newer (Intel® chip only - no PPC).

Download The CheckPrintshop Demo for Macintosh:
Download The CheckPrintshop for Windows 7, 8 & 10:

(Mac users must have the "Security & Privacy" system preferences configured to "Allow apps downloaded from:" set to "Mac App Store and identified developers." Open System Preferences and go to Security & Privacy>General).

Getting Help

There is a PDF manual available from within the software - just select "CheckPrintshop Manual" from the Help menu at the top of your screen (Mac) or from the Help menu at the top of a check window (Windows).

If you need tech support, just use our Contact Form to get in touch.

Please Note: When purchasing The CheckPrintshop, it is NOT offered as a download - we ship it to you.