MICR Check Gauge

  • MICR Check Gauge

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If you don't have one of these gauges, you will need one. There's no room for guesswork when positioning the MICR numbers - they must be correct for bank clearance!

Assure Proper MICR Placement - Avoid Check Rejection
A common reason for rejected check documents is the MICR character placement - either the characters are not where they should be or other objects have found their way into the bottom 5/8" of the check.

Quality Construction
The gauge consist of a thick sheet of lexan with a silk screened mylar overlay with the proper placement layout.
Insert your check into the gauge and it will display whether or not your document placement is acceptable and meets ANSI MICR character placement standards.

These gauges retail for $65 but we're offering them for just $39.95!

Don't risk rejection - make sure of proper MICR placement with our deluxe MICR gauge.