MICR Check Scanner

  • MICR Check Scanner
  • MICR Check Scanner
  • MICR Check Scanner

$ 119.95   Sale Price!  $ 299.95

Your customers' #1 concern is that their checks will be accepted at the bank. With our MICR check scanner, you can demonstrate to them that they are readable.

In addition, instead of typing in each customer's routing and account numbers, you can scan them in - it's fast and accurate!

We're overstocked on these so we're blowing them out at $180 OFF the suggested retail price!

Our MICR scanner brings these benefits to your check printing:
  • Automate & Speed up MICR line entry
  • Verify your printed checks
  • Demonstrate check readability to your customers
Included in the package:
  • Proprietary USB cable
  • Power supply
  • A box of cleaning cards - a $15.95 value

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Keep your MICR check scanner clean to insure proper operation - get one of our MICR scanner cleaning card packages (sold separately).