The CheckPrintshop™

  • The CheckPrintshop™
  • The CheckPrintshop™

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A Page Layout Program For Checks!

  The CheckPrintshop™ was specifically designed for the check printing industry, with both typical page layout tools as well as features unique to check layout.

Insert text areas, lines, graphics and import images like logos and backgrounds. Use any font on your computer. The software has a full assortment of tools to align, layer, size and adjust. It comes with MICR fonts in three weights for printing the bank routing and account numbers.

From simple multi-purpose checks to payroll checks with complex voucher grids, The CheckPrintshop can handle the task with ease.

Perfect for banks, credit unions, CPAs, bookkeepers, copy centers and digital printshops. Offer your customers on-demand check printing!

"With this very affordable and easy to use software, check printing has become a nice profit center for us. The program is very easy, so even a new staff member can step in and design checks quickly. We are super delighted to have made this addition to our portfolio of offerings."
–Becky Raney, Print & Copy Factory, Bellingham WA

Lots Of Templates To Get You Started

We've included over 50 pre-designed business check templates, compatible with many popular accounting programs, including Quickbooks, MYOB, Sage 300 ERP (AccPac), DacEasy, Sage 50 (Peachtree), Sage 100 (MAS 90), Microsoft Dynamics, Deltek and more. There are general purpose, accounts payable and payroll check layouts. Use these templates as-is or modify them to meet your needs.

Insert Check Scan For A Design Template

You can use a scanned image of a customer check to create a new check document. The scan is inserted into the background, then it's a simply a matter of placing text areas, lines, etc exactly where they exist on the scan.

Create Your Own Templates

Create your own templates to streamline your workflow. Save the template complete with a preview image and description. Then select it from the Template Chooser just like the built-in templates.


We offer a money-back guarantee on our software. Return it for any reason within 30 days for a full refund (shipping price not included). See our Refund Policy for more details.


  • High-quality laser printer
  • MICR toner (see our MICR toner cartridges)
  • A minimum of 4 Gb of RAM (8+ preferred)
  • A monitor with at least 960p of vertical resolution
  • Blank check stock (see our great selection)
  • MICR Alignment gauge


  • Windows® 7 or newer - Windows 10 compatible


Take advantage of our MICR gauge and MICR scanner sales AND save even more on these package deals!

  • Software + MICR Gauge - Save $10
  • Software + MICR Check Scanner - Save $10
  • Software + MICR Gauge + MICR Check Scanner - Save $30
  • Purchase the software, gauge & scanner package and we'll include a box of our scanner cleaning cards for free - a $15.95 value!


  • NOT AVAILABLE AS A DOWNLOAD - Software is supplied on CD or USB thumb drive and shipped to you. (see below for downloadable demos).
  • Our system does not make check booklets.
  • The CheckPrintshop creates blank checks - it does not fill in payee data, amounts, etc.
  • We do encourage you to try the demo before purchasing.


Check documents created with the DEMO version will print with a "VOID" watermark. When opened with the retail version the watermark will be removed.

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